International Cheese

QFW is now offering a larger variety of exquisite international and local cheeses by means of manufacture, import , supply , distribution and sale in various sizes and quantities – bulk ,prepacked and retail packaging.

QFW’s cheese range include fresh, mature, soft, hard, marinated, & spreadable cheeses.

QFW cheese varieties extend from Feta to Brie, Camembert to Gorgonzola, Chevre(Goat) to Parmesan, Edam to Manchego, Roquefort to Mozzarella and many, many more……


QFW brings to you the best of Spain through smallgoods - specialist Jamon, Iberico, Serrano and Bellota , variety of wines , the famous Bomba rice & Marisma rice , sticky jams , pure Extra Virgin Olive oils ,Sheep ,Cow & Goat cheeses, Dried fruits and nuts, Pulses, Cider, Olives, Peqillio peppers and the very famous Seafoods ,Fish and Paprika of Spain.

Spanish Foods are well represented in the QFW Catalogue, adding yet another dimension to the range.


Simmertime: variety of soups made from truly fresh raw ingredients without any additives preservatives, colours, fillers or flavours enhancers.

Offering special tastes and textures, unique to QFW from “Moroccan Harrira” to “Spicy Thai Minestrone” from “Carrot & Pumpkin with Coconut” “Pure Australian Tomato” just to name a fewEnjoy Simmertime soups as a wholesome satisfying midday meal, a late afternoon warmer or a gorgeous start to an evening meal. Alternatively Simmertime soups spruce up your favourite casserole. Simply flood your base ingredients with a simmertime soup allow to simmer for 20-30 minutes on low heat for a delicious heart warming meal for the cooler months.


Quality Food World has been concentrating on the development of the drinks range.

Offering local and imported wines , waters, ciders, beers and juices to retail, private and food service sectors.